Centre de Formació Permanent d'Osona Sud | Anglès conversa A2
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Anglès conversa A2

CRQ: 158,35  108,00  El CRQ és el Cost Real Quadrimestral d'aquest curs si no rebés cap tipus de subvenció
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Are you tired of studying grammar? Have you studied English and do you need to improve your speaking and pronunciation? Do you want to learn phrases for everyday situations? If this is the case, come and talk about different topics in English!  

This course is for students who have reached level A2.

IMPORTANT: CAL FER PROVA DE NIVELL Per assegurar-nos que li oferim el nivell adequat de curs, recomanem que, abans d’inscriure-s’hi, tothom faci la prova de nivell. Per a més informació, truqui’ns o escrigui’ns un missatge a la secció Contacte.
L'Ateneu (Balenyà)L'Ateneu (Balenyà)EPA CentellesEPA CentellesAula Oberta (Tona)Aula Oberta (Tona)
    • 84 €
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  • Daily conversations
  • Describing people, places and things
  • Free time
  • Relationships
  • Making a phone call
  • Asking for / giving directions
  • Seeing the doctor
  • Buying things
  • Expressing likes / dislikes
  • Giving advice
  • Finding out information
  • Making guesses
  • Complaining
  • Apologizing
  • Giving opinions
  • Pronunciation
Indicat per a...

Indicat per a...

Students who have reached level A2