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Anglès B2.1 (EOI)

CRA: 422,46  240,00  El CRA és el Cost Real Anual d'aquest curs si no rebés cap tipus de subvenció
(anual: 1 quota) Curs equivalent a l'Escola Oficial d'Idiomes (E.O.I.)

First year of the preparation course for the B2 exam (Marc Europeu Comú de Referència per a les llengües)

You will study important new language relevant to the exam, covering the areas of speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar! Come and prepare yourself for the exam of level B2!

This course is for students who have reached level B1.

IMPORTANT: CAL FER PROVA DE NIVELL Per assegurar-nos que li oferim el nivell adequat de curs, recomanem que, abans d’inscriure-s’hi, tothom faci la prova de nivell. Per a més informació, truqui’ns o escrigui’ns un missatge a la secció Contacte.
Aula Oberta (Tona)Aula Oberta (Tona)
    • 41 €

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  •   Revision question formation
  •   Auxiliary verbs
  •   The..the + comparatives
  •   Present Perfect (simple and continuous)
  •   Using Adjectives as nouns / Adjectives order
  •   Narrative tenses: Past Perfect continuous
  •   So/Such…that
  •   Adverbs and adverbial phrases
  •   Passive (all forms) / It is said that… He is thought to….
  •   Future Perfect and Future Continuous
  •   Conditionals and Future Time Clauses
  •   Likely and Probably
  •   Unreal Conditionals
  •   Past Modals (would rather, had better)
  •   Verbs of the senses
  •   Gerunds and Infinitives
  •   Used to, be used to, get used to
  •   Reporting Verbs
  •   As (different uses)
  •   Articles
  •   Uncountable and plural nouns
  •   ‘Have something done’
  •   Quantifiers: all, every, etc.
  •   Structures after ‘wish’
  •   Clauses of contrast and purpose
  •   Whatever, whenever
  •   Relative Clauses


  •   Working out meaning from context
  •   Personality
  •   Illness and treatment
  •   Clothes and fashion
  •   Air travel
  •   Confusing adverbs and adverbial phrases
  •   Crime and punishment
  •   Weather
  •   Expressions with take
  •   Feelings
  •   Verbs often confused
  •   The body
  •   Music
  •   Sleep
  •   The media
  •   Collocations: word pairs
  •   Towns and cities
  •   Science
  •   ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’ adjectives and related verbs
  •   Expressions with go
  •   Business and advertising
  •   Prefixes


  • Reacting and asking for more information
  • Paraphrasing
  • Describing personality
  • Active listening (during a conversation):
  • Asking for more information
  • Showing surprise
  • Showing approval
  • Showing sympathy
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Expressing / Giving opinions with ‘should’
  • Arguments
  • Comparing and describing images/pictures
  • Debating
  • Making a presentation
  • Expressing annoyance
  • Expressing regrets
  • Giving Examples
  • Giving definitions
Indicat per a...

Indicat per a...

Students who have reached level B1